Class Schedule - 2020



  Sourdough Breads - Private Class

  Hands-on bread class

  None Scheduled




  Sourdough Bread Workshop

  Hands-on , Make your own bread!

  Whole grains and bread flour.

  Sept 26 (Saturday) 10:00am - 12:00pm

  Location:  Basil & Rose

  2110 Orchard Drive, Bountiful UT

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   * Hands-on Classes


     Bring your own bowl, measuring

     cups and spoons.

     Bread Classes - Sourdough

     All ingredients provided.

    - How to create and maintain a starter
    - How to create a m
ild tasting or

      stronger tasting starter.
    - How to make a sourdough loaf -  

    - Why time is important to good bread.
    - Bulk ferments, forming and scoring



    Questions? Contact Greg Hall at

     801 369-4868


    Contact us here to schedule classes.






Khorasan Mills offers fun and informative classes where we teach how to use ancient grains, how to make amazing breads and how to use and mill grains for your own needs.  If you would like to schedule a class anywhere in Utah, send us an email letting us know what type of class you would like to host.

The bread classes are hands-on.  And of course, we always bring tasty samples of breads and cereals using ancient grains or sourdough.

Breads (hands-on. You make your own bread)

    - Sourdough breads.  Learn about starters, time, flavor and proven techniques.

    - Breads using ancient grains (Kamut®, spelt, einkorn) and other heirloom,

      non-hybrid grains.


Classes - Contact us to schedule any of the classes below.
Bread with Ancient Grains - Bread Techniques (hands-on)

    - Using a sponge/autolyse to strengthen dough and gluten.

    -  Kneading (various methods)

    -  Using the Window Test

    -  Know your dough (soft dough/firm dough - developing the right type of dough)

    - Shaping the loaf - preventing air pockets, tunnels and getting it just right.

Sourdough Breads - Really Good Sourdough

    - Sourdough (natural yeast) with whole grains and high-grade bead flour.

    - Learn how starters work, developing a good dough.

    - How time creates great flavor and good bread structure.

    - Shaping, scoring, baking (pan sourdough or artisan style).

Milling your own grains - Grain to Bread - Making bread with fresh-milled grains.

    - Use the Mockmill to mill fresh flour - use this flour to make fresh whole-grain breads.

Grains (demo/lecture/slideshow)

    - Ancient wheat vs hybrid wheat (how are they different?)

    - Why are ancient grains important?

    - The many things you can do with ancient grains.

    -  Ancient grains , Organic grains, Biological/Natural Grains

Questions about classes?  

  - email us at or call 801 369-4868.

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