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Organic and Ancient Grains  *{Under Construction}*

Khorasan Wheat (organic)

Khorasan (compare to Kamut® brand Khorasan wheat) is an amazing variety of ancient wheat. Unlike hard red or hard white hybrid wheat, Khorasan has lower gluten, is higher in protein and contains higher amounts of trace vitamins and minerals – and is lower in fat than many other grains, including oats.​ Many people who have intolerance to red or white modern wheat can consume Khorasan wheat without issues.

Khorasan is also has higher levels of selenium, which is a mineral known for its high antioxidant capacity and important for Thyroid health. Khorasan wheat can be called a good source of selenium.


This remarkable grain is lower in fat compared to oats and has a higher percentage of lipids, which produce more energy in the body than carbohydrates. Khorasan wheat can be described as “high energy wheat.” Athletes, people with busy lives or just anyone looking for high energy food will find products made with Khorasan wheat a valuable addition to their diet.


Einkorn (organic)

The smallest of the grains from the farro family (spelt, emmer and einkorn), einkorn is also called Farro Piccolo. Einkorn is the smallest, most ancient and most natural form of wheat.   Most people who can't tolerate modern wheat can consume einkorn wheat because the gluten and makup of the grain is more digestible. Einkorn wheat has only 14 chromosomes while modern varieties of hybrid wheat have 42 chromosomes - the result of wheat hybridization over the past 50-60 years.

Einkorn is higher in protein and has chewy texture with a mild, nutty flavor. Einkorn is also a hulled wheat, where each grain is encased in a shell/hull which protects the wheat from chemicals and pests.

Einkorn can be used in cereals, breads, side dishes and other recipes.

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