Whole Grain Breads using Ancient Grains - Workshop


Basil and Rose

2110 Orchard Drive, Bountiful UT


Learn how to mill your own grains and why these ancient varieties of wheat like Khorasan (Kamut), Spelt, Einkorn and Emmer have better nutrition, are more easy on the gut and more digestible.


And they all make great bread!

Classes - Breads with Ancient Grains - Sat Nov 13, 10am-1pm, Bountiful UT

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  • Taught by Greg Hall, owner of Khorasan Mills, this class will be a fun and informative dive into using ancient grains like spelt, Khorasan (Kamut), einkorn and others for breads and other baked goods.

    These grains are healthier, have more digestible gluten and add great flavor to your breads and baked goods.

    Learn the process of using ancient grains to make amazing tasting breads:

    • How to choose your grains.
    • Milling your own whole grains fresh.
    • How to develop good flavor and structure in breads using ancient grains.
    • How time is important to good dough structure.
    • Shaping, scoring and baking.

    We'll talk about different types of ancient grains like spelt, Khorasan (Kamut), einkorn and other varieties, how to use these grains for breads, quickbreads and other great tasting baked goods.

    Learn how to make great whole-grain breads that are healthy and fun - and you can fit all this around your own schedule.