Location: Macey's Grocery/Little Theater, 931 West State St. Pleasant Grove, UT.


This fun class will cover everything sourdough - starters, dough development, shaping, baking and how to add additional flavors and ingredients.


Class - Sourdough Workshop, Saturday Nov 19, 10am - 1:00pm. Pleasant Grove UT.

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  • Taught by Greg Hall, owner of Khorasan Mills, this class will take the mystery out of sourdough and sourdough starters.


    Learn the sourdough process and everything below:

    • How to create and maintain a sourdough starter.
    • How to develop good flavor and structure in sourdough breads.
    • How to add other ingredients for flavor and color.
    • How time is important to good sourdough.
    • Shaping, scoring and baking.


    We'll talk about different types of flour, how to use the best bread flour to make a full-flavored sourdough bread.

    Learn how to make great sourdough breads that are healthy and fun - and you can fit all this around your own schedule.