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Over the course of time, grain has lost much of it's originality and purity. These days, grain is engineered to be mass produced in order to feed literally everyone on earth - and to be able to do that, the grains themselves had to change in numerous ways - including becoming less nutritious overall.

When we use the phrase "ancient grain", what we mean is, "the grain in its purest, most simple form" - and there are several varieties of ancient wheat - Khorasan wheat/Kamut®, Emmer, Einkorn, and Spelt, to name a few. These grains are available today, and they are much more nutritious, contain lower, more digestible gluten, and are generally more pure than present day varieties.

With ancient grains quickly becoming another, healthier option, we at Khorasan Mills prefer to fuel our bodies with the grain that will benefit us the most. These are quality grains, and we love that we have access to the best.

Learn why we love them, and how to use them here.

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