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Better Flour - Better Baking


I've learned over the years as a baker for 3 separate bakeries and learning how to make artisan breads on the side, that flour does matter. 


It's true that bread can be made with just about any flour - any variety, any color, ancient varieties, heirloom varieties or standard wheat.  All have their own unique flavors and characteristics when it comes to baking.


​But good bread, bread that has good structure and flavor comes from using flour that is fresh milled, unenriched and where most, if not all of the parts (bran, germ and endosperm) are still intact. Fresh milled flour doesn't come from the store - it comes from your home using a mill like the Mockmill where you can mill your own grains fresh and whole.


Whole wheat flour usually creates a more dense, flavorful bread.  A properly milled white flour creates a lighter, sweeter tasting bread.


All this also applies to quick breads, pancakes/waffles, muffins etc. where using good, healthy flour makes a difference in the taste, the quality and looks of the baked goods.


I feel strongly that there needs to be a source here in UT where healthy grains and flour can be purchased - not just grains that come from standard farms or mills, but grains and flour that comes from farms where the farmer knows how to grow clean, non-sprayed, organic or natural, grains that when used whole or milled, respond well in the kitchen.


This is why I do what I do - why I teach classes about grains and breads, why I work to bring these products into UT for others to purchase, and why I spend time educating as well as providing healthy grains and flour. 


The images above are of a sourdough bread I made over the weekend with the biological/natural flour we have, now available in 25lb bags.  We also have the white Kamut® flour, also in 25lb bags, that many purchase for flavor.  Because Kamut wheat is an ancient grain, many can eat this wheat when they or family members cannot eat standard wheat.


Both are great choices, both make great baked products.


25lb biological/natural flour - $18.00

25lb organic white Kamut® flour - $35.00

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