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Clean, Healthy Grains and Flour

Where can you get clean, healthy grains and flour in UT?

Greg Hall – Khorasan Mills



Clean grains and flour – the type that aren’t sprayed with glyphosate, pesticides or herbicides; grains that aren’t treated with synthetic fertilizers; grains that are free of harmful chemicals...


These grains are sometimes hard to find at reasonable prices.


And just as important, where can you find farmers who grow crops in clean, healthy soils, free of commercial sprays, farmers who care about building soils and growing crops in natural, sustainable ways?


Khorasan Mills

In 2012, we started Khorasan Mills in Pleasant Grove as a family business dedicated to sourcing clean grains to customers in here UT. Over the years, we have cultivated long-standing, trusted relationships with organic and biological, regerative farmers from MT, ID and UT where we source these grains and flour and make them available to everyone.


Our goal is to be Utah's best source for healthy, organic grains and flour, where people can purchase these grains for healthier solutions for their families.


How do we do this?


Khorasan Mills doesn’t just sell clean, healthy grains, we know these grains, how they taste and how they work with breads and other recipes. We know why pure, ancient grains like Kamut® (Khorasan wheat) spelt, emmer and einkorn are lower in gluten and more easily digested. Truth be told, many who can’t tolerate modern red or white wheat or commercial flour, can eat ancient grains without issues.


Bakery (baking) Experience

I've worked in various whole grain and sourdough bakeries over the past 18 years and learned a great deal about how to make really good bread. I've always loved the idea of not just good bread, but better bread - bread that not only tastes amazing, but is also healthy and nutritious.


Whole grains breads are healthier breads. At Khorasan Mills we know how to make whole grains breads taste really good, with mild but rich flavors, with softer textures - and we help you learn these skills just as we learned them. We also teach how to make good, flavorful sourdough breads – not bricks, and believe it or not, sourdough isn’t a difficult process because when we teach, we take the mystery out of sourdough and sourdough starters.



We not only source these grains from trusted farmers and mills, but also teach customers how to use these grains by hosting classes about grains, milling fresh whole grain flour, breads, sourdough, whole grain sourdough and other topics related to healthy grains. We host monthly sourdough classes in Davis and UT counties and you can find additional class information at

In addition to ancient grains, we also source and sell the following organic grains/flour:

  • Ancient Grains – Khorasan wheat, spelt, einkorn, emmer.

  • Black Nile barley, rye, certified gluten-free rolled oats.

  • Organic hard white wheat.

  • Khorasan white all-purpose flour.

  • Premium West Mountain bread flour (makes amazing sourdough breads).

  • Raw, unfiltered honey (whole grains and honey, a great combination).


Trust from the Ground Up

Khorasan Mills is a source you can trust. Why? Because we trust the farmers we work with. We know them and their families, we visit each and every farm we do business with and we learn how they farm, harvest and clean the grains they grow.


From farm to table, we know the grains you will purchase.

- Greg Hall

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