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Cinnamon, Cracked Khorasan Cereal                               Recipes

This cereal is truly healthy and stores very well over time.   The cereal is meant to be soaked, not cooked.  Soaking the cracked grains helps to retain the healthy ingredients and blends the flavors better.

When ready to eat, soak as much as you need for a few hours or over night, covering with enough water, milk or nut milk to just cover the cereal.


4 cups cracked Khorasan wheat.

2 Tbs raw honey

1 tsp molasses (optional) Molasses has a strong taste so use sparingly.

1 tsp vanilla

1 tsp maple flavoring

Blend the honey, molasses, vanilla and maple together, then stir the mixture into the cracked Khorasan wheat until well blended.


1 tsp cinnamon

1/4 cup of any or all of the following:

   raw sunflower seeds

   ground flax

   hemp hearts

   oat bran

   pecans, almonds, other nuts

1/4 cup craisins , raisins, golden raisins or dates

Mix everything together well and store in a covered container.  Stores very well on counter or in refrigerator.

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