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Bread Recipes                                                                                                                             All bread recipes are on the Gr8Bread site.  There you'll find recipes for:

  • White Breads

  • Whole Wheat Breads

  • Breads with Ancient Grains (Kamut, spelt, einkorn)

  • Sourdough Recipes

  • Techniques for how to make and bake better bread

  • All about bread ingredients (how they work individually and together)



Rubber seal on underside of lid.

Gamma Lid

Where to Store

When storing grains, it's always best to store them in a cool, clean, dry, dark environment.  Find a storage room, space under the stairs, a crawl space - somewhere cool and dry where the grains will store well and keep until you need to use them.

Light, moisture, humidity and heat will all affect grains and long-term storage in a negative way. Minimize these issues as much as possible.  If you have a designated space that will keep the environment cool, dry and constant, that's what you're looking for.