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Ordering Biological Grains

At Khorasan Mills, our model is to provide biologically grown grains to the public at an exellent price.  We source from local biologically managed farms to keep prices low.  All orders are shipped to Pleasant Grove UT for local delivery and pick up.  Out of state orders are shipped via UPS or FedEx.


To Order Biological Grains:

  1. Review the Biological Grains - Price List under the Biologically Grown link.  

  2. Choose the grains or flour that you would like to order, then Contact Us via email using the Contact Us form.

  3. If you have a discount code, enter the code in the email.

  4. List the items in the email you would like to order, such as:

        White Hard Wheat:  2 - 50lb bags

        White wheat flour:  1 - 25lb bag

        Hulled Millet: 1 - 25lb bag


Ask any questions you may have and we'll contact you soon with an electronic invoice and total for your order.  Once you receive the invoice,  you can pay with venmo (ID is: Greg-Hall-25) or pay when picking up (check, cash or card). 

Pickup Address:

Khorasan Mills

1124 North 100 West

Pleasant Grove UT, 84062

Organic Grains/Flour

All the biologically grown grains come from quality, biologically managed farms in Utah and Idaho.  The hard white whole grain flour is milled to specific standards in Utah.  No commercial pesticides or fertilizers are used.  

The grains and flour are all high quality.  These biological grains are all non-hybridized and all grains are non GMO.

You can email an order any time for grains or flour. If we have the grains in stock, we'll get them to you right away.  If not, we'll make sure your order gets on the next delivery.  We'll keep you updated on the time of the orders and estimated delivery time.

Feel free to Contact Us if you have other questions.  

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