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Khorasan is an amazing variety of ancient wheat. Unlike hard red or hard white hybrid wheat, Khorasan wheat has lower gluten, is higher in protein, contains higher amounts of trace vitamins and minerals, and is lower in fat than many other grains, including oats.


What is Kamut®? (more appropriately, Kamut® brand Khorasan wheat)

Kamut® is not a variety of wheat - Kamut® is a brand/trademark for an organic variety of Khorasan wheat.


​​What Is Khorasan wheat?


Khorasan is a variety of ancient wheat, best known in the U.S. as Kamut®, or Kamut® brand khorasan wheat. Kamut® is not the only variety of khorasan wheat, as other sources of Khorasan are also grown in the U.S.

Like the Kamut® brand of khorasan wheat, other sources of Khorasan wheat also have the same lower, more digestible gluten, great flavor, excellent baking qualities and are milled into super-fine Khorasan white all-purpose flour.

Health Benefits

Khorasan has lower gluten, is more easily digested and has a sweet, mild taste compared to other varieties of wheat. Khorasan is also higher in minerals, such as Selenium (needed for Thyroid health) and copper. A diet that includes Khorasan wheat can also help reduce inflammation and increase protein intake for athletes and those with active life-styles.


Is Khorasan White all-purpose Flour the same flour as white Kamut® flour?

Yes and No - Yes, that these two flours have no discernible differences in baking and taste qualities, and both are milled from high quality Khorasan wheat. But No, in that our Khorasan flour is not the Kamut® brand. Also, the lower gluten in both Khorasan white flour and Kamut® white flour is virtually the same, since both Khorasan wheat and Kamut® brand Khorasan are the same type of grain. Again, the Kamut®brand has a trademark label for that variety of khorasan wheat.

Does the Khorasan White all-purpose flour have lower gluten?

Yes - Our new khorasan white flour has the same lower, more digestible gluten you see in Kamut® berries and flour. Kamut®is khorasan wheat, so the two varieties are virtually the same, including the gluten content.


​How are Kamut® and Khorasan wheat different?  Organic vs Regenerative Farming Practices

Kamut® is grown organically and is branded with the Kamut® trademark name. The khorasan wheat used for our new Khorasan White all-purpose Flour is grown regeneratively - this is also a very clean way to grow wheat. Similar to organic standards, regeneratively grown food is very clean, using natural farming methods like crop rotation, cover crops, natural compost and other natural/environmentally clean methods to regenerate and strengthen soils without the use of harmful, commercial sprays, Roundup/glyphosate - and no GMO's.

Our regeneratively grown khorasan wheat is not certified organic, but this is an intentional choice of farmers who are committed to growing clean, healthy sustainable grains without the higher cost and oversight imposed by organic standards.

Regenerative and organic grains are both very good choices because both are very clean.

Is the new Khorasan White all-purpose flour as good as White Kamut® flour?

Yes - this white khorasan flour is every bit as good as white Kamut® flour. Breads, dinner rolls, cookies, pancakes, crepes, muffins, quick breads and other baked goods all have the same light texture and sweet taste of white Kamut® brand khorasan flour. There is no discernible difference in the two flours, which is another reason we love this new white khorasan all-purpose flour!

Is there science behind the quality of this new White Khorasan all-purpose Flour?

Indeed there is - side by side lab tests show very little difference between this new white khorasan flour and white Kamut® flour. Protein levels and ash count were virtually the same (both indicate high quality white flour), Farino MTI numbers were high for this white khorasan flour (indicates high mixing tolerance), and baking qualities are superb for both white khorasan flour and white Kamut® flour.

Can I use the new Khorasan White all-purpose Flour with recipes using Kamut® White all-purpose Flour?

Of course you can! Remember, Kamut® is also khorasan wheat and white Khorasan all-purpose flour is virtually the same type of flour as Kamut® white all-purpose flour. Use your favorite Kamut® white flour recipes with our new Khorasan white all-purpose flour.

Will the new Khorasan White all-purpose Flour be priced lower than Kamut® White all-purpose Flour?

The price for Khorasan Mills Khorasan white all-purpose flour will be similar to other sources for Kamut® white all-purpose flour.


How will the new Khorasan White all-purpose Flour be sold? What size bags?

The Khorasan Mills - Khorasan White all-purpose Flour will be sold in a 25lb bag only. Order the flour from our online store. Shipping will be available to all States in the U.S.


Whatever you choose to bake in your kitchen, Khorasan wheat is a better choice when it comes to grain that helps rather than hurts. See our list of Khorasan recipes here!

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