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Good Grains, Clean Grains - Better Grains

It all started with a loaf of Khorasan and honey wheat bread.

That sounds good - Khorasan and honey. It also smells good, tastes amazing, the wheat is clean from the ground up and nutritious, and one of the best breads we've ever made.


This is why we want to share these amazing grains and recipes with you!

Khorasan Mills is one of the few sources here in Utah for clean, organic and regeneratively grown ancient grains, at low, bulk prices. Everyone should be able to afford the best grains - and now you can!


Once you have the grains, we'll teach you how to use them.


Great bread comes from great ingredients, and great ingredients like Khorasan wheat and flour come from farmers who grow clean, healthy ancient wheat. We don't sell anything that doesn't pass your approval.


Our customers are the true test!


We always pledge the highest quality and guarantee that you're getting the best healthy grains - no Glyphosate, GMO's or commercial sprays. All natural, all clean, and all from the best sources. 


Sounds like quite a high standard - that's just the way we like it!

And it all started with a fresh loaf of Khorasan and honey bread.

Greg Hall

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