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Khorasan Breads / Ancient Grains Workshop - Hands-on, How to use Khorasan flour and Ancient Grains.


Location: TBD (Utah County)


This fun class will cover everything related to Khorasan flour and other Ancient Grains including Spelt, Einkorn, Emmer and Rye, using these soft, light textured flours we all love! Make your own loaf of Khorasan or Spelt bread, take home to bake!


Think breads, sourdough, muffins, cinnamon rolls and more - Khorasan flour is a sweeter flavored,  light-textured flour with lower, more easily digested gluten. Other Ancient Grains also have their own amazing flavors, textures and results.


Dive in, learn about better health with better grains!



Class - Baking with Ancient Grains, Sat, June 8, 10am-1:00pm.

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  • Taught by Greg Hall, owner of Khorasan Mills, this class will address everything you've needed to know about Khorasan (similar to Kamut brand) flour and other Ancient Grains.

    Learn the bread making process and everything below:


    • How to create a good dough.
    • How to develop good flavor and structure using Khorasan flour (has lower gluten).
    • How time is important to good bread.
    • Shaping, scoring and baking.


    We'll talk about different types of Khorasan flour to make breads, quickbreads, dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls and others.

    Learn how to make great Khorasan breads that are healthy and fun - and you can fit all this around your own schedule.

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