Pickup Information

At Khorasan Mills, our model is to provide organic grains to the public at a lower price compared to other vendors in or near Utah.  We purchase by the pallet to keep prices low.  Grains and flour are shipped to Pleasant Grove, UT for local delivery and pick up. 


Order from the site, pickup locally.

Pickup Address:

Khorasan Mills

1124 North 100 West

Pleasant Grove,UT 84062

​Organic Grains/Flour

All the organic grains and flour come from the high plains of Montana, the fertile plains of Eastern Washington,  the volcanic soils of Idaho and from healthy, biological farms in Utah.  Raw honey comes from the clover fields of North Dakota and local alfalfa fields here in Utah.  We order by the pallet and get great shipping prices per bag on full pallets. This way, we keep overall prices low. The ancient grains (Kamut®, spelt, emmer, einkorn) are all non hybridized and all grains are non GMO.

Feel free to Contact Us if you have other questions.  

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